Electromagnetic Flow monitoring Network for Metals and Mining Company


A large metals and mining company in the south of England needed to monitor its water usage and waste output. Although there were several locations with many pipelines, the company required all data to be sent directly to a data interface.

Equipment Used

The ABB AquaMaster and the Siemens Mag 8000 battery powered electromagnetic flow meter.

The Solution

RS Hydro installed a complete flow monitoring network, comprised mainly of electromagnetic flow meters.These included the ABB AquaMaster and the Siemens Mag 8000 electromagnetic flow meter.

The Mag 8000W on one of the pipelinesBoth the AquaMaster and the Mag 8000 are battery powered which made these meters ideal for the installation in these remote areas, where getting access to a mains power supply was almost impossible.

The AquaMaster offers a three year battery life and has an ultra rugged construction. The AquaMaster has no moving parts and comes complete with a IP68 submersible sensor and display unit. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the ABB AquaMaster boasts empty pipe detection and has self diagnostics to detect errors.

The Siemens Mag 8000 boasts six maintenance free battery powered operation, and delivers best-in-class performance to optimise water supply. It is optimised for leakage detection and is often used for accurate billing. The integrated data logger can be twinned with the use of a selectable alarm to signal too high, too low flow.

Metals and Mining SiteThese efficient and accurate meters were installed alongside a wireless telemetry system, with SMS data loggers sending the data from all the sites straight to RS Hydro's own data interface, www. flowview.net.

The client was very happy with the meter installation as it has completely minimised the need for the engineers to visit each site to carry out routine maintenance and download data. The data from all sites can now be viewed from the office.